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Autumn in Ibiza

It's officially autumn here now, and the soaring temperatures seem to be cooling at long last.

It's been a very warm summer indeed, but also a fantastic one.

We do however love this time of year though, as things start to wind down quite a bit. The island goes from 'full steam ahead' to a more chilled-out, relaxed vibe (almost).

If you've never visited Ibiza in Autumn (or winter) then you're missing out.

There's hundreds of reasons why we think you should visit, but here's 5 just to tease you into booking that flight.

1. Closing Parties

Ibiza is home to the biggest and best parties on earth. Known for being the 'clubbing capital of the world', this glorious little rock has provided millions-upon-millions of tourists with an experience like no other over the years. One of the best times to head over is for the closing parties. They're wild, wonderful and full of life. September and October is when it's all happening, so what are you waiting for?

2. Quieter Beaches

We all love the beach right? With gorgeous views out to sea, making sandcastles with the kids, relaxing with a book or having a swim. The islands many beaches are some of the best in the world. Generally, they're even better when you can find somewhere to lay your towel! Autumn is great for a beach day because you still get the amazing weather, just with a little less crowding.

3. Shopping

If you're partial to some retail therapy, then hitting the shops here is a must. Besides the high-street faves, you also have an abundance of stunning boutiques to browse at your leisure. Shopping when its 40 degrees is never enjoyable. That's why this time of year is so much better to explore the various stalls and outlets available all over the island. One of our favourite places is Ibiza Old Town, where you can find some truly wonderful, and unique items on sale.

4. Explore

Getting around the island by car can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance during the summer months. With hordes of tourists flocking here during peak season, the main roads can tend to get somewhat congested. This can often take some of the fun out of hiring a car, as no one likes being stuck in traffic do they? With the low season brings less people on the roads, and gives you more time to enjoy the island in all its glory. From seeing the Flamingos at Salinas, to walking up to 'Torre des Savinar', which looks over towards Es Vedra. Rich in nature, culture and history, this is a wonderful place to explore.

5. Sunsets

Of course this beautiful place is known for its phenomenal sunsets, but there's something extra special about the ones after the summer ends. Don't get us wrong, the ones from May-September are beyond beautiful, however, autumn brings a whole new vibe that we just can't explain. It's as if the gigantic ball of fire is now in 'down-time', letting off a special kind of glow that you can only appreciate if you see it for yourself.

The energy here is just different in Autumn. It's cool, calm and collected, yet still vibrant and warm. It creates an exciting and comforting familiarity, a feeling that you can't experience anywhere else.

We love this time of year, and we think you will too.

*Numerous airlines are still continuing to fly direct until the beginning of November, with BA still currently being the only airline to fly direct from London City to Ibiza during the winter. Don't forget that you can always hop on a flight from your local airport to somewhere that offers connecting flights to Ibiza, year-round. A great opportunity to stop off somewhere like Barcelona for the day, before heading over to the white isle!*


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