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It’s all about the Tapas

For centuries, Spaniards have enjoyed gathering together as a family and enjoying long, conversational dinners over a bottle of wine (or three).

Dinner time isn’t rushed here, not like many other parts of the world, where people eat merely because they know they probably should.

From young children to third generations, husbands, wives and siblings.

Getting together to eat is simply a way of life in the Mediterranean, and so is eating Tapas.

Tapas tells a story, it shares memories and ideas, and more so, enjoyment. Tapas is love and passion, creativity and energy.

It’s little pieces of everything, all on one table.

Flavour and charm, all affectionately prepared for everyone to enjoy.

Relish is Our Home

Relish has been a very successful business for nearly two decades, and we pride ourselves on our love for authentic, home cooked fare.

Owner Glyn has worked extremely hard over the years to make it into what it is today, a highly popular, well-loved and welcoming place for people to visit, serving some exceptional food to be enjoyed by all.

His passion for excellence is what has people returning time and time again, year after year, and the love he has for his work shines through in service (and the quality of dishes) tenfold.

Head Chef & Co Owner Glyn (yes there’s two Glyn’s) has fully immersed himself into learning anything and everything he can about various dishes which are popular in Spain, and he’s adapted it into his own style, which has worked wonderfully over the 10 years he’s been at the helm of Relish’s kitchen.

So much so that he has since incorporated his love for all things flavoursome, to create a menu so culturally diverse, that it draws in thousands of holiday makers each summer.

The locals love us too!

From our much-loved Spanish dishes such as traditional Patatas Bravas and Choricitos, right through to African, American and Asian influences including Moroccan Spiced Vegetables, Harissa Chicken, Caribbean Coconut Mussels and Korean BBQ Ribs.

Glyn’s menu is inclusive for all.

From those who have special dietary requirements such as gluten and lactose free, right through to succulent, meat-free vegan and vegetarian options, which are simply bursting with flavour.

Powerhouse and manager Alice has been with the Relish family since 2016.

After having known both of the Glyn’s for a number of years, she started work as floor staff at the restaurant, and was quickly promoted to manager not long afterwards, thanks to her drive and fantastic public relations skills. She’ll most likely be the first person you see when you walk through the doors, ensuring everyone is having a fantastic time throughout their visit.

We have over 20 mouthwatering Tapas options on the menu, so our guests are often spoilt for choice!

Not only that, we also create some fantastic cocktails, wholesome main courses and delectable desserts to enjoy too.

Our cherished restaurant has since had a makeover, and we invite you to join us in our relaxing new environment.

With our comfy seating, twinkling fairy lights, a new cocktail list and ambient music, where better to spend your evening with your favourite people, whilst sampling our gorgeous menu at Relish?

We’re now open for the summer!

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