Viva el Verano, Opening 2021

We are really excited to announce our opening for Summer 2021. With the ever easing restrictions here on the island, momentum is building. We are thrilled that we are now in a position where we can finally open the restaurant for the Summer 2021 season.

After a rather disappointingly short season last year. We can’t wait to get back to doing what we love. We have invested a lot of time during the winter months into the Relish’s concept and image. Our kitchen team have been hard at work too, creating fantastic new dishes for you to enjoy this Summer.

Although there is still a lot of uncertainty floating about in the world at the moment, we are remaining optimistic. After all we are a “glass half full” kinda team. One thing that these strange times have taught us all, is how to be adaptable and to roll with the punches. 

What we know right now is that Ibiza is opening up. The amazing Amáre Hotel, just down the road from us, is open and filling up. And tourism in Europe is certainly increasing. Which means holidays to Ibiza are back on the cards. We might not be back to our pre Covid ways just yet. But we are happy to keep taking these small steps until we get there.

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible” 

Margaret Drabble, Author

Here’s what we have for you this Summer at Relish 

  • World Tapas Menu 

This tasty menu offers a selection of delicious sharing tapas dishes inspired by cuisines from Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. This menu has evolved over the last few years to include some really interesting flavour combinations. As ever with lots of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. 

  • Relish Burger Menu

As well as the popular “Relish Burger”, Cajun Chicken Burger and the Veggie & Vegan Burgers. We have a couple of new burgers for you to enjoy including the White Isle Burger and our Spicy Burger. 

  • House Cocktails 

Our House Cocktail Menu has had a full make over too. With some fantastic creations from our talented Bar Manager, including a Jalapeño Margarita! You will also discover some fresh, original summer flavours within our unique drinks menu.

  • Sunday Roasts 

A big thanks to our Big Sister Tapas Restaurant & Garden Bar for flying the “Relish Sunday Roast” flag for us, in our absence. For a taste of comfort and indulgence we have our Roast Chicken, Roast Belly of Pork, Roast Beef, Lamb Shank and Vegetarian Mushroom Wellington (which can also be made into a Vegan Roast, if desired) available every Sunday throughout the Summer.

Sadly we don’t have a crystal ball to know how things will pan out this Summer in Ibiza. But, whatever happens we will make the most of it. And we hope to see lots of you around the pool, and enjoying free time with family and friends again. Heres to Summer 2021 in Ibiza.

We can’t wait to see you all

Team Relish

Variety is the Spice of Life

I think you will agree that Ibiza is one of those rare special places that people return to time and time again. The island offers so many different things to so many different people, all coexisting seamlessly.

People often comment to me that they don’t know what it is that draws them back to the island so frequently. I think it has something to do with the fact that our little island has so much to offer. With so much versatility, Ibiza seems to attract a very warm and accepting group of people, from all walks of life. 

Ibiza seems to have “something special” that no one can quite put their finger on. I have given this question a lot of thought over the years, and I think it is the acceptance and versatility of the island, that is one of its most specials charms. A refreshing lack of judgement.

“Everyone’s got that dream of Ibiza, you’ve either been or you want to go, because it’s kind of got this mystical quality to it.”

Daniel Mays, Actor

Some people are drawn to the hedonism and their inner hippy. The 24/7 pace, the clubs, the parties and the open free lifestyle.  Others want nothing more than long beach days, relaxing days in the Mediterranean sunshine, followed by long relaxing Summer nights. 

Fun packed family holiday are a huge draw too. With many water parks, family friendly hotels and Ibiza’s many stunning child friendly beaches. While others want to loose themselves, or find themselves, at one of the many health and wellness retreats that operate throughout the Summer. 

Some are drawn to the fashionistas and the VIP lifestyle, while other crave the simple life.

With Ibiza having such international appeal, people from all over the world are drawn to the island. Bringing with them a wonderful variety of cuisines and cultures, creating an exceptional culinary appeal to foodies from all over the world. 

“Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavour.”

William Cowper, Poet

At Relish, we really do believe that variety really is the spice of life! 

With this in mind, and our international clientele, we have developed a menu offing something for everyone. All carefully thought out, and lovingly prepared by our wonderful team.

Our World Tapas Menu offers a selection of tapas dishes, from around the world. Personally I love nothing more than ordering a selection of dishes for the table and sharing them with friends. 

For those hungry days, there is nothing more comforting that a Hearty Main or biting into a Homemade Burger. This section of the menu has been specially crafted to include some familiar dishes, as well as some more adventurous flavours.

As with all of the menus, there is something for everyone, and we always make sure there are vegan, vegetarian, dairy free and gluten free options. 

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Woolf, Writer

Our Sunday Roasts are really special, even if we say so ourselves! A massive culinary hug on a plate. Whichever your preference, we have a roast dinner for you. The Sunday kitchen offers roast rump of beef, slow roast pork belly, roast chicken breast, braised lamb shank or a vegetarian mushroom wellington (which can be vegan by request). We can’t guarantee you won’t need a sleep afterwards.. but it will be worth it. 

With so much to choose from, what will be your choice?

Book your table to start your culinary journey…

Will she won’t she? It’s been like a latin soap opera trying to anticipate how things will pan out in Ibiza and Spain, and well Europe… and the World. 

But finally now that things seem to be settling down a bit, and we have a bit of a clearer pictures of how things might be. We are thrilled to announce that we will be opening our doors for Summer 2020 on the Friday 16th July 2020. 

Despite it not being the start to the season we were expecting, we are super excited to get back to it. As ever we have a few new dishes for you to enjoy. We have also developed a new house cocktail menu, exclusively for Relish. As well as a new non alcoholic drinks menu, packed with interesting and refreshing drinks to keep you hydrated.

Initially our opening hours will be 1pm – 11pm (Closed Tuesdays)

Whatever Summer 2020 brings, the one thing that we can guarantee is that we will strive to ensure that you will receive the same warm welcome, and the same high standard of food and drinks that we pride ourselves on. 

Whether you choose to indulge in our new house cocktails menu, dine on our new delicious dishes from our world tapas menu, or Relish on a Roast on Sundays… we are excited to welcome you. 

And lastly, we want to say thank you to everyone for your continued and ongoing support, it means the world to us, and we look forward to seeing you at Relish soon, raising a glass to the simple things in life.

See you soon, 

Tony, Glyn, Bex & the rest of the Relish Team.  

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